If you have the courage to believe in yourself unconditionally then you are unstoppable. 🦋

First You Must Believe

If you can dream it you can do it but first you must believe in yourself. 🦋


There is an authentic ‘I’ within the ‘I Am’. The divine vessel that holds the authentic vision, the sacred code of our becoming. Do you feel her? 🦋

Don Your Cape

The moment you own your life’s journey you don your cape and step out of victimhood. Figure out what you need to do to be the the heroine of your own story. 🦋

Walk Away

If it doesn’t feel right then it or they are not right for you right now or perhaps ever. Listen to your ‘always correct’ gut feelings, they can save you a lot of trouble, anguish, heartache, grief, suffering, pain, worry, unhappiness, regret …..🦋


A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

~ Diane Mariechild

Happy International Woman’s Day! 🦋

Be Proud

Be proud of who you’ve become, your accomplishments, your life lessons and your vision for tomorrow.

Being proud of yourself is not vanity. Pride has more to do with genuine personal deep satisfaction whereas vanity is a superficial pretence that oftentimes appears coy, flashy or loud.

The sole aim of vain posturing is to bolster ones low sense of self-esteem by garnering positive reactions from others.

Vanity is about looking good out there whereas being proud is feeling good within oneself.

Today, appreciatively take a look at you and your life experiences. Stand tall and proud. You are worthy! 🦋

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