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If you are exploring the possibility of working with a personal or professional coach, most likely you are envisioning yourself living a more optimal and vibrant life, engaged in healthy relationships and immersed in a career or business that is both meaningful and fulfilling. Chances are you see yourself being more alive, in control and thriving with a greater sense of confidence, purpose and autonomy.

Hello, my name is Judit, as a Certified Personal and Professional Coach, I have the pleasure to work with smart, capable and talented women who are choosing to approach their aspirations, goals and challenges in a more proactive, personalised and empowering manner.

Spanning over 25 years, I have coached hundreds of women and men worldwide to find clarity, sustain focus and achieve results through one-on-one coaching processes that include both fundamental and progressive coaching principles and practices such as discovery, brainstorming, identifying goals, planning and accountability. The essential aim of my coaching approach and methodology is to assist women to transform their present situation and challenges into new levels of personal and professional success.  

It has been my experience that when a woman decides that it is time for her to make important and significant changes, whether it is in her personal life or professional domain, she usually seeks out the best way forward, which oftentimes leads her to partner with an experienced coach who has the expertise and tools to successfully facilitate her transition in a timely manner.

In closing, no matter what scenario a client may bring to the coaching table, my mission as a personal and professional coach is to uplift a woman’s awareness, knowledge-base and skills to tap into her intrinsic ability to thrive with purpose, passion and agency in every aspect of her life, her career and as a leader.

I am inviting you to scroll through my website and to reach out to me personally, to ask questions about my experience, my expertise and the power of the coaching experience that I offer. As well, I encourage you to read through the testimonials that reflect my client’s coaching experiences and outcomes which may well resonate with your own aspirations.

Thank you for visiting and I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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