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A Brave Heart

February 14th is a day that we honor those that we love with heartfelt greetings and gifts. It is a day of love and loving. How did Valentine’s Day become a part of our culture?  Experts believe Valentine’s Day originated with a Roman priest, Valentine, who secretly performed marriage ceremonies even though Emperor Claudius II forbade it. In the end, Valentine was apprehended and eventually executed on February 14, 269 A.D. Legend suggests that Valentine left a farewell note signed “From Your Valentine” for the jailer’s daughter, who had become his friend during his imprisonment. Pope Gelasius dedicated February 14 to honour Valentine’s valor.


St. Valentine, the patron saint of love, courageously lived and stood by what he deeply believed in. The word courage is derived from several Latin words— heart, always and creed. Etymologically, courage means, “to always stand by the creed of one’s heart.” Courage implicates taking a stand for what we believe in and transcending our fears—fears that may emerge when we decide to do the ‘right thing’ in the face of contrary or opposing opinions of others.  Oftentimes, when we think of courage,  we are unaware of  its necessity in living our everyday lives. Usually when we think of courage we reflect upon the grand sweeping acts of heroic men and women who have valiantly shaped our history. To acknowledge this natural inherent quality in our day to day lives, we give ourselves permission to live on a higher plane — being more authentic, speaking truthfully, manifesting dreams, loving  deeply, acting intuitively, making changes, expressing our creativity… When we choose to tap into our innate courage, we are rewarded with living our lives successfully with a greater sense of passion, integrity and dignity.

The Triumphant Heart …

A few ‘courageous’ questions to ponder…

  1. What dimension of my life, work or leadership would I like to transform?
  2. What is my highest vision for this dimension?
  3. What is stopping me from experiencing my highest vision?
  4. How would I feel if I tapped into my inherent courage and animated my highest vision?
  5. How would my life change if I dared to ‘do’ the dream?
  6. What are the first 3  steps that I can take right now to move towards living my highest vision.


Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage…
Anais Nin


Throughout the past thirty years, I have had the great privilege of working with men and women worldwide in the capacity of a life, business, career and leadership transformational coach and consultant.  I specialize in designing and providing transformational pathways, resources and learning environments that inspire people to successfully ‘create new realities’ in their personal lives and their professional domain. To contact me directly please send me an email at juditszabo@quantumv.ca

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  1. Michael Day said:

    A great read!! Information, history plus a challenge – when can I read more??

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