Women Creating New Realities

It’s A Tool …


What we generally call our “personality” is actually memory, a localization for the “I”-image, a shelter to preserve the ego.

The moment you identify with the personality, it becomes static, crystallized, and loses all flexibility.

But in stepping out of this identification, you take your position in spaceless awareness and the real personality emerges.

[The personality] appears in the moment of facing a situation and disappears the moment a situation ends.

It’s a tool, nothing else.

~ Jean Klein

Artist: Chris Dyer

Comments on: "It’s A Tool …" (2)

  1. Both the words and the image are FANTASTIC; each made more powerful combined with the other. Both echo, and amplify, one another’s meaning in a way the words couldn’t surmise on its own and the picture could not speak on its own.

    GREAT post! Thanks for sharing!

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