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A True Friend …

Wondering who your true friends are? They are the beautiful brave souls who walk alongside us during the best and worst of times, love our light and accept our darkness, celebrate our successes and joy and most importantly they are the warriors in our lives who have the courage to step up to confront us when we are royally fucking up and then they suit-up to help us slay the dragons as we are righting our wrong. Because a true friend loves us completely and always, they will never abandon us no matter how rough the journey and never ever enable our bullshit.

Comments on: "A True Friend …" (1)

  1. Enjoyed your post and lead me to this:


    A true friend then
    Is not that coward
    Who’s too fearful
    To risk your anger

    Yet brave enough
    To bitch about you
    With other people
    In your absence

    It took you years
    To recognise this
    But the other kind
    Don’t even notice

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