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My Love Is Unconditional

My love is unconditional but your presence in my life is not. 🦋

Comments on: "My Love Is Unconditional" (7)

  1. Would a narcissist say, “your presence in my life is not needed”?

    • Great question. Based on my understanding of Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a narcissist fears being deprived of attention and fears being abandoned, so I don’t think a narcissist would say those words unless they were ready to breakaway from someone who has become aware of their disorder and is most likely going to break up the relationship.
      As an empath, I am sensitive to the intention of what is being said. Those words can be said lovingly or with malice. If it is with malice I would walk away. If it said lovingly I would respect the intent and be very comfortable in the relationship. ❤️

  2. Interesting concept, but something doesn’t quite align for me. I am considering this from the viewpoint of a narcissist or someone with an inflated self worth that hangs on to an empath (giver) for dear life.

  3. Do you think unconditional love is equal to self worth? 😁

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