Women Creating New Realities

Slaying My Dreams

I was so overwhelmed and tired that I decided to throw in the towel. My inner Warrior threw it back at me and said ‘Wipe your tears girl, we’re almost there. We can do this!’ And so we did. 🦋

Comments on: "Slaying My Dreams" (6)

  1. D. M. Hoisington said:

    Stay down forever*

  2. D. M. Hoisington said:

    I love this post! That’s how I felt for a over a week. Then God said “Get up.” And I just did not do anything. So the next day, God told me, “Get up Warrior.” After that, I did and began fighting again. You can be down but dont stay forever.

  3. It’s amazing when one listens to their inner voice. 🙂 Awesome.

  4. jessierenea said:

    Great Post !!
    Your quote kind of reminds me of one that I saw on FB a while back about how you throw in the towel but God throws it right back at you! xoxo!!
    Happy Saturday! When you get a chance, would you mind checking out my newest post today? I’d love your feedback!

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