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Continuum Coaching

‘Multifaceted, highly effective and transformative’ are the hallmarks of Vessels of Vision’s Continuum Coaching.

To transform our personal and professional experiences, to proactively evolve our individuality, to thrive and flourish in our frenetic world, it is essential that we consciously deepen our knowledge and awareness of our authentic inner self.

Continuum Coaching is designed for you to move through a holistic process of self-discovery that both affirms and harmonizes the fundamental dimensions of your true self. With renewed self-knowledge, awareness and inner-inspired agency, you will instinctively break through limiting perspectives and begin to cultivate an authentically inspired life, synergetic relationships, purpose-driven work, and value creating leadership. This unique vertical, or inside-out, coaching approach is customized to integrate your goals, needs, and desires into the process.

Research supports the assertion that being authentic is central to our sense of empowerment, happiness, and autonomy. Of all the personal and professional development principles, authenticity is the most vital to proactively grow and succeed throughout our lifetime.

Being authentic is not a final destination but rather an ongoing attentive journey that requires us to continuously deepen our self-knowledge, awareness and personal agency through our day-to-day experiences. Continuum Coaching is not only an odyssey to becoming more authentic, it also encourages the daily practice of living and working authentically.

An authentic life is characterized as the transparent embodiment of our authentic self which includes the following attributes:

  • our core purpose and passion,
  • owning our values, our beliefs and choices,
  • embracing our natural abilities, strengths, and talents,
  • tapping into our creative intelligence,
  • awareness of our personal growth areas
  • confidently moving in the direction of our highest vision of what is possible across all aspects of our life.

The Continuum Coaching Process brings into sharp focus your inherent power to enhance and enrich the quality of your experiences, effectiveness and overall success in your present-day life and future endeavours.


Women who are thinking about or are ready to initiate important changes or are presently engaged in a personal or professional change process.  

Individuals committed to living more deeply, enhancing the quality of their life, enriching their relationships and being engaged in a purpose driven profession or entrepreneurial endeavor.   

Coach practitioners, mentors, training and development educators, workshop facilitators seeking for a high quality personal and professional development process that aims to elevate their capabilities and impact.

Leaders leading people in a non-profit or for profit organization or entrepreneurial endeavor, who desire to enhance their leadership efficacy and effectiveness through their authentic presence, interpersonal relations and personal mastery.

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