How Do You Unplug?

Unplugged weekends replenish the soul! How do you unplug to recharge? 🦋


An empowered woman does not seek validation outside of herself, rather she sees her self-validation in the world she creates. 🦋

As Within, So Without

What we experience in relationship with others is a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. One of the most profound life lessons is that relationships are mirrors. They mirror back to us how we are feeling inside and the correlating energy we are emitting into the world. Remember, we can’t look in the mirror and frown and have the mirror smile; it is impossible. As it is within, so it is without.🦋

Our desires define our priorities, priorities inspire our choices and choices empower our actions. 🦋

One of the greatest values in any relationship whether it is with ourselves or with others is integrity. A true test of our integrity is a fierce refusal to compromise it because we know that without it we have nothing. 🦋

Soothing Your Soul

Guilt free self-care? Whatever soothes your soul. 🦋

Puking On Yourself

Remember for the next time you are about to harshly judge or run a pathetic smear campaign against another person, you are actually shining light on your own insecurities and feelings of unworthinesses.

And it is your imaginary deficits that people will see and hear.

So the next time you are about to spew your vile bile, realize you are virtually puking on yourself. 🦋

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