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Power Hour Coaching

Power Hour Coaching is a personalized laser-focused process that is designed to turn your challenges around, uncover new opportunities and for you to take immediate action to achieve or experience specific outcomes and results.

This one hour, one-on-one coaching process has been designed for you to fully understand the situation you find yourself in, discern what you want to have come out of the challenge, determine the best way forward and start moving towards realizing your new goals with clarity, direction and vitality.

The Turn-Around Process is a holistic, life-long self-empowerment tool, that will consistently guide you to move through challenges, chaos or crisis to a more aligned, satisfying and fulfilling outcome.

Power Hour is ideal for women who are struggling with one or more of the following circumstances in their personal life or professional domain;

  • consistently feeling overwhelmed, confused or anxious about something or someone,
  • unsuccessfully trying to improve a specific situation,
  • feeling defeated by the inability to resolve a lingering and draining issue,
  • procrastinating, stalling or being stuck,
  • at a crossroads, out of options or frozen with uncertainty and indecisiveness,
  • confronted with a disruptive or unpleasant situation that needs to be resolved immediately,
  • uncertainty with moving forward on a personal or professional situation or opportunity
  • personal issues impacting on professional effectiveness and performance,
  • professional issues impacting on personal life and relationships

The universal outcome of Power Hour is enhanced agency, that you yourself self-empower and engage with clarity of direction and inner inspired initiative.   

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