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Power Hour

Power Hour Coaching is a personalized laser-focused process that is designed to turn your challenges around, uncover new opportunities and to take immediate action aimed at achieving or experiencing specific outcomes.

This is a one hour, one-on-one coaching process that is designed to provide clarity and direction to move forward with more self-confidence.

Power Hour is ideal for women who are experiencing one or more of the following challenges in their personal life or professional domain;

  • consistently feeling overwhelmed, confused or anxious about something or someone,
  • unsuccessfully trying to improve a specific situation,
  • defeated by the inability to resolve a lingering and draining issue,
  • procrastinating, stalling or stuck on kick-starting something that is exciting and important,
  • at a crossroads, out of options or frozen with uncertainty and indecisiveness,
  • confronted with a disruptive or unpleasant situation that needs to be resolved immediately,
  • uncertainty with moving forward on a personal or professional situation or opportunity
  • personal issues impacting on professional effectiveness and performance,
  • professional issues impacting on personal life and relationships

The universal outcome of Power Hour is agency with greater clarity, options, direction, and initiative.   

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