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I encourage you to read through the testimonials that reflect some of my client’s coaching experiences and outcomes which may resonate with your own aspirations.

“I highly recommend Judit to anyone who is ready to embrace transformative changes in their lives. Her uncanny ability to quickly get to the core of the issue allow her clients to embark on an insightful journey of self discovery and personal growth. I have personally experienced the benefits of her work, and witnessed many others who have transformed their personal and professional lives as a result of her work.” ~ Jackie Gray, Organizational Development Consultant

“Judit is an amazing career and life coach with an incredible way of guiding clients to a deeper understanding of themselves and whatever issues they are facing. She offers challenging, but positive insights that really help clients find answers and frame realistic actions.” ~ John Rodenhurst, Executive Director

“Judit Szabo is a brilliant Professional/Personal Transformational Coach. She has assisted me in understanding core values and beliefs and has shaped my attitude to life in such a positive way. Her Program has helped my Career and Personal life immensely. I give Judit an A+++ and would highly recommend her work to organizations, and individuals.” ~ Patrick Hendley, Business Principal

“Judit is an amazing person to work with and I am honoured to know her! She is an extremely wise and grounded woman with the ability to read people and help them really narrow down the path they want to take along with how to get there. She is friendly and helpful but can also be tough but fair in a kind way. She has been a great role model for me. Thanks Judit for all support throughout the years!” ~ Sophie Pal, Regional Marketing Manager

” I highly recommend Judit Szabo as a personal coach. I can personally vouch for the transformative power of Judit’s work. Much to my surprise, her coaching led me to undertake a significant and most satisfying career and personal transition thirty years into my adult life. Eight years after completing Judit’s Odyssey program, I still regularly refer to the statements of my life purpose and essential principles that she helped me create in 2003. The grounding that those discerned ideas continue to provide is enormously valuable to me in this new chapter of my life.” ~ John Gunn, Partner LLP

“I highly recommend Judit as a personal, transformational coach. She exudes sincerity and authenticity in her coaching style. She always sets the bar at the highest level for personal introspection and process-oriented goal achievement. Her follow-up practice over the years has been motivating and inspirational. I will always be grateful for our journey together and its impact on the development of my second career.” ~ Dr. Sandra Katz,  Drama and Creative Arts Specialist

“Judit is an outstanding coach. She uses expert and sensitive probing skills to uncover personal and career challenges, facilitate new insights and set clear and motivating goals. Her sound methods and programs are adapted to the client need. Judit’s skills can focus and strengthen leadership understanding and talent. My experience with her certainly made me a stronger and more effective executive leader.” ~ Judy Geary, Vice President

“Judit is extraordinary at working people through a process of self discovery followed by vision and goal setting that is very powerful. She is succinct and precise in her style, accepting and inspring, gentle yet persistent in her facilitation of the process… Amazing results. A marvelous person. I learned a great deal about myself and my desired future life course through her coaching” ~ Nives Malara, Director, Learning and Development

“Judit is one of those coaches you never forget nor do you forget the experience of working with her and getting results. Sometimes the results are not what you expect but they are always what you need. She has an absolutely non-judgmental, hold your feet to the fire approach. With care and compassion she leads you through a process of self- discovery and transformation. I would highly recommend Judit and have highly recommend her.” ~ Jeanet Lamoca, Coach Practitioner and Organizational Development Consultant

“Judit is a master of both the science and art of personal change. I found her highly supportive with compassion and insight. She asks the hard questions that make you look deeply within (not always fun but absolutely necessary). I’d highly recommend Judit to anyone who is really committed to making changes in their life.” ~ Dr. Milana Todoroff, Project Manager and Instructional Design Professional

” I hired Judit to support me in getting more clarity around my vision for starting a Holistic Private school and identifying the steps required in order to implement my vision. With Judit’s weekly coaching and encouragement, I was able to create my vision and mission statement along with a detailed road-map to successfully manifest my vision. Judit basically took me by the hand and helped me every step of the way. She helped me remember to celebrate my accomplishments each week rather than focus only on what I still needed to complete. I don’t know how I could have accomplished this without her help. She made the whole process more enjoyable and manageable.” ~ Marisa Ferrera, Relationship and Communication Coach

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